About us

Easy Whitening was established in 2009 and since then has evolved to meet the growing demand for teeth whitening products all over the globe.
Our laboratories have been specifically designed to meet the health and hygiene criteria required for the global market.

We are unique in the United States, as we offer a full range of products and formulas. We do offer EU complaint products such as Sodium Perborate as well as Carbamide Peroxide.

Easy Whitening’s lab is located on site in Fort Lauderdale, FL where we manufacturer a wide variety of products.

Our labs are equipped with up to date technology to give us a high daily capacity.
Easy Whitening offers you a practical solution that will allow you to stop importing foreign materials such as from China that are of low quality.
We guarantee our quality is above the rest.

With the demand from export markets at an all-time high we can assure you that we will offer all customs documentation to get your products safely and quickly through customs.

Easy Whitening guarantees the best offer with competitive pricing. You also will buy our product with the certainty that our laboratories manufacture fresh gel daily.

Each and every batch we manufacture will have a traceable batch number that can used to verify our standards.

Wholesaler? Distributor? No problem we can offer you a 100% USA production and development unit for contract manufacturing. This  will allow you to develop your own products.

You will find a price list as well as pictures of each and every product we offer on our website.
Let’s work together to offer you a simpler, easier, and more affordable way to purchase your teeth whitening products.


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